Are you looking for wooden shutters or house shutters? Did you perhaps type in "shudders" by mistake? Many people mispell shutters as shudders which makes it hard for them to find the informatin they are seeking. Other common mispellings include plantation shudders, wood shudders, and just plain sutters.

There are many types of shutters including vinyl shutters. Unfortunately many people don't know how to spell vinyl and so instead they type in vinal shutters or vynal shutters. Instead of shutter sometimes people use shuters or shuter. For levalor blinds they use levolor or lever instead of louver.

Well that's it. Hope you enjoy my site which is all about indoor shudders.


Shutters are both functional and add style to your home so it makes sense for you to get shutter hinges that add style as well. When you get new wooden shutters on your home, or even if you are just updating the old house shutters, that is the time to look for some nice decorative shutter hinges.

Shutter hinges are what link the trim of the shutters to the exterior or interior windows. Hinges for your decorative shutters can come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and designs and you can use decorative shutter hinges to help set your home and shutters apart from all the other homes on your block.

If you look in enough places, you will be able to find not only modern looking shutter hinges but also many ones created in an old style ornate Victorian design and many other antique looks. These antique shutter hinges can be made of brass, nickel, cast iron, or copper and the metal might be finished in a particular way that links it to its era. You will also be able to find shutter dogs, latched, tiebacks, and knobs that are also made with an antique flare to create the effect of being from an older and grander architectural time.