Not all windows look the same and on some houses you will have round or half round windows that you will want to get shutters for. These can also be called arch top shutters and they can be made out of any material.

When you have a half round window at the top of a wall, you have a choice of whether to do anything with it at all. Usually it will be a good source of light and as it is up so high, it does not sacrifice any privacy if you let it be as is. Many people like the additional light and will choose to not cover it up with blinds or shutters.

Some people want the complete look though, and want to get half round shutters to cover that window just like all the other ones on their house. Most shutters now days are decorative and you might even put them above a window just for looks even though their is no window there.

Wooden house shutters ideas are used to make a house look better and give it a sense of style. More folks are installing decorative shutters rather than real working ones now days because of the added curb appeal. If you like the look and you have some half round windows, you might investigate the cost to see if they are worth the investment.


Bi-fold shutters can also be called four panel shutters as they have two panels on the left and two panels on the right. Bifold shutters are usually held in by a track because of all the moving parts and they are often installed over windows that you walk through rather than smaller windows. They can also be called accordion shutters but those are usually ones with many more panels.

Four panel shutters have two panels that hinge together on the left unit and the same thing on the right. They are a lovely addition to any room because of their elegant look and they add a lot of pizazz to plain windows.

Bifold plantation shutters are the most common type that are used to cover ceiling to floor windows and glass sliding doors in the living room or any other room. They usually also have little horizontal panels that can be opened or shut to let in or keep out the light. So you can control the light by either opening the shutters or by adjusting the horizontal panels.

When it comes to house shutters ideas, interior bi-fold shutters are always a popular choice because of their look and style they lend to any room. You can get them in a variety of materials like wood or vinyl but you might have to have them professionally installed because of the track that needs to be put in to make them open and close smoothly. A skilled do-it-yourselfer might be able to install them but the normal homeowner will find it too difficult to do.


One of the popular style of wooden shutters is the board and batten style of shutter. This type of shutters brings back an old style feel and some people really like the vertical boards against the horizontal battens. These horizontal boards are used to fasten the vertical boards together and give them support.

While board and batten shutters can be functional and move to protect the windows, they are hardly storm proof and are not meant for real protection. You can also buy decorative board and batten shutters if you just like the look and don't need functioning shutters. As with other types of shutters, you can get them made from wood, vinyl, metal, and other materials.

Each board and batten shutter is made with only a few boards and so maintenance on this type of shutter is usually minimal. They are usually exterior shutters and in many parts of the country you don't see the board and batten style shutters too often and so they really stick out. When you are thinking of shutters ideas and what styles might look good on your home, you should consider the unique look of board and batten shudders.


Raised panel shutters are usually exterior shutters and they are made with a frame of vertical siles and horizontal rails. The inside of the frame will have solid panels that are outset or "raised" from the panel surface. The outer edges of the raised part of the panel are typically routed into an ogee or other shape.

Vinyl is now the choice over wooden shutters because they last so much longer without having to do very much upkeep or maintenance. You can get raised panel shudders in any color or style and they make a great aesthetic addition to the outside of your home.


Faux wood shutters are shuters that are made to appear as wood but are really made of some other material. Wooden shutters are the look that many people want for their houses but wood is not necessarily the best choice as it warps and is not that strong.

Some examples of faux wooden shutters are ones made out of vinyl, ones made out of fiberglass, and composite shutters. These can all be made to look like wooden shudders and give your home the look you are hoping for. The fiberglass faux wood kind are the strongest of the group.

Fauxwood shutters can come in any style you want but you might have to measure what you want and get them made. You can get faux wood plantation shutters, faux wood cedar shutters, faux wood exterior shutters, and faux wood interior shutters. You can choose between a variety of wood effects and grains that are simulated to give that very real wood impression. Faux wood shutters are most often cheaper than real wooden shutters which is the point of getting them. They come with the great look you want but with less cost.

Faux wooden indoor shutters are often the choice in the rooms that might have moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Faux wood blinds are much the same in that they are cheaper than real wood and thus the choice of many who still want that real wood look. Wooden shutters are a great addition to any house and will help with the resale value down the line. If you can get the same wood shutters look with much less the price, faux wooden shutters are a great and economical choice!