If you are looking for shutters ideas or maybe awnings ideas, the Internet is the right place to find them. Basswood shutters seem to be the most popular because basswood is the best wood for shutters. One problem with interior shutters or exterior shutters is that the wood can warp. For this reason, many people choose to install faux wood shutters or shutters made out of vinyl or plastic. That way, they can weather the elements better and still look like wooden shutters.

Interior shutters are really just fancy blinds. As you can see in the picture above, they serve the perpose of blinds and they look more substancial and have more class. Blinds would go up if you like by pulling on a string but with house shutters they would open outward (or inward) to give you more light and viewing space. Interior shutters are usually more expensive than blinds but they do add value to a home and style to any room.

You can always look for cheap shutters but you don't want to make the mistake of buying shutters that LOOK cheap. If you must buy discount shutters, make sure they don't look cheap or you will be very disappointed with the end result. The whole point of getting indoor house shutters is to add style to your rooms and installing something that looks inexpensive or cheap will have the reverse effect. There are many styles of shutters so any shutters ideas you have should be thought about carefully. If possible, it is best to be able to try several styles of shutters before you buy.


The great thing about Bahama wooden shutters (also called island shutters or Burmuda shutters) is that they can serve two purposes: they provide protection during storms and harsh weather and they also give you shade over the window in the summber.

The unique aspect of Bahama wood shutters is that they have a hinge at the top of the shutters which allows them to open out from the bottom. (see picture) If you notice in the picture there is one shutter per window unlike most shutters that require two per window and open out sideways.

Typically, Bahama style shutters have adjustable side arms which are used to prop the shutters open at whatever angle is desired. These types of wooden shutters are very different from any other kinds of shutters and you do not see them everywhere. Island shutters are very popular in the southern United States and rarely seen in the Pacific Northwest.

Other advantages of Bahama wood shutters are that they can stay on your home year round and are easy to maintain. They also give a home a certain tropical beauty.


If you are looking for discount window shutters or just plain old cheap shutters, where do you go? You will not be able to have them custom made so you will have to find those cheap window shutters and install them yourself.

Finding a company that will sell you do it yourself shutters or wholesale shutters is what you will be looking for. Even though you want cheap shutters you probably want them to look as nice as possible. You want to make sure they don't look like plastic or look cheap.

Basswood is the best wood for shutters for a variety of reasons. It is a straight wood that does not warp easily and it is easy to paint and stain. You should find a company that can make shutter panels cheaply so that you can get the best prices. Lumberyards and stores that sell home improvement items might be the best place to look for your cheap window shutters. You might have to pace an order to get exactly what you want and make sure you know how to install them yourself to save money. These discount shutters might be shipped directly to your house.


More and more people are interested in learning about shutters ideas and possibly using them in or on their houses. Wooden shutters are the most popular kind of shutters because of the look of wood and how it looks on your house. Likewise, wooden blinds or blinds that look like they are made of wood are also very popular.

Where can you buy wooden shutters is a question many people are asking. Woodenshutters can be found in many home improvement type stores and online as well. There are tons of places you can get information about shutters and other things such as awnings ideas too. Wood awnings and wooden awnings are becoming more popular because they look great and give your dwelling a special style. If you are looking for cheap wooden shutters you will need to do more research to find out which outlet will give you the best discounted price. You might also think about getting used wooden shutters if price is an issue.

When you start looking for ideas for wooden shutters you might try looking for photos of house shutters. That is a great way to see what the different kinds of shutters actually look like on or in a house. When you see them in a store, you can't get an accurate idea of what they might look like after acutally being installed.

There are many different materials to choose from when contemplating all your wooden shutters ideas. Basswood shutters, cedar shutters, vinyl shutters, faux wood shuters, and poly shutters are just some of the kinds of shutters you have ot choose from

There are also many different styles of shutters to choose from. Some of the more popular styles are plantation shutters, traditional shutters, colonial shutters, and of course heavy duty shutters designed to withstand a storm.

All in all, there are dozens of shutters ideas to choose from and to keep you busy for some time.