Have you noticed more and more houses have decorative shutters on them? House shutters have come back in style and most people opt to get ones that are not operable known purely as decorative house shutters. These make any window, and house for that matter, more elegant and pleasing to the eye.

Decorative shutters are attached to your house and will not move. They are fixed in one place and are quite easy to install because of this. Usually, a whole house can be fit with decorative shutters in one day. Because they are for decoration only, they will not provide any of the benefits of real shutters. They only look nice.

Decorative house shutters can be bought in almost any style and material. Because they are not functional, they cost a fraction of what the real operable ones do. You can get Bahama decorative shutters, decorative cafe shutters, Plantation decorative shutters, or any other kind. These decorative shudders can be made out of whatever you want as well including vinyl, brass wood, aluminum, pine, cedar and other woods. Wooden decorative shutters will be more prone to damage and decay than some other materials such as vinyl.

Because they are only for looks, we are really talking only about exterior decorative house shutters although things can be made for inside the house as well. Usually though, if you have interior shutters they will be fully functional.


What are rolling shutters and when should you use them? Rolling shutters come in either interior or exterior models and are stored above a window or door in a housing device. They roll down over your windows and thus provide the best choice for shutters that are needed for security. When open, there is usually little evidence that roll shuters even exist on your house. You might also look into roll up window blinds as an alternative to rolling shutters.

Roll-up shutters are easy to install on an existing home and are either operated with electrical or manual controls. These types of shudders can have one central control system that operates all the rolling shutters you have on your home from one location. In some cases, they can even be contolled from outside the house. Types that roll down are the most versatile protection you can buy in shutters.

Roll shutters are great for contolling and limiting sound and light that comes from outside the house. They are also one of the best choices if you are looking to get some added insulation from the heat or cold. Rolling shutters that come down and cover the entire window also give you the best privacy control as well.

Rolling shutters ideas are a wonderful option if you want functionality instead of just decoration. Decorative shutters are nice but they don't provide any practical value. If you are looking for security and storm protection, rolling shutters are the type to get. They are usually made out of aluminum but they can be made to look like they are other materials by the way they are painted and finished.


If you are looking to protect your home from wind damage, shutters are the common method to do that. Shuters guard your windows from flying objects and they also protect you from damage that might be caused if your windows or doors are broken from pressure changes.

Aluminum and fiberglass shutters are the common materials used that are strong enough to protect against damage from nature's storms. Please note however, that both aluminum and fiberglass are used for decorative shutters as well. If you are buying aluminum shutters, you need to specify whether you are wanting the decorative kind or real storm shutters. Just because your shudders are made from aluminum or fiberglass does not mean they are strong enough to protect your house from damage.

Aluminum storm shutters must be made to certain specifications and have higher engineering standards than decorative shutters. For this reason, any storm shutters you purchase will be more expensive than their decorative counterparts.

Wood and vinyl are the two most common types of exterior decorative house shutters but some people choose aluminum as well. Aluminum offers a reasonable price alternative to wooden shutters and they come in all styles and colors. You can get aluminum shutters in all styles including aluminum colonial shutters, aluminum bahama shutters, aluminum cafe shutters, aluminum rolling shutters, and aluminum decorative shutters.


Fiberglass shutters are expensive but the cost is offset somewhat by their strength and durability. Shudders made of a fiberglass composite material will not warp, split, or rot and they are very easy to maintain. Usually, it is only the high class expensive homes that get fiberlass exterior shutters as they are considered at the top end of the shutters industry.

Most fiberglass exterior shutters will come with a 10 to 20 year warranty and they are the best choice for storm shutters. Now days, most shutters are used mainly for decoration but if you are going to need them to protect your house from extreme weather, fiberglass is the way to go without a doubt.

Fiberglass shuttters ideas come in all styles and colors. If you can get what you want in wooden shutters you can probably also order it in fibergalss as well. You can get fiberglass Bahama shutters, fiberglass house shutters, fiberglass cafe shutters, fiberglass decorative shutters, fiberglass plantation shutters and just about any other shutters type you can think of.


A very common question people have is "should I choose shutters or blinds for my home"? There are many types of blinds, such as Bali window blinds, and many types of shutters as well. It can be very confusing for the first time home owner whether to go with blinds or shutters. In order to answer this question, lets take a look at exactly what shutters are:

Are Shutters Expensive?
Shutters are typically more expensive than blinds because you are getting a bigger more complicated unit that is attached to your windows. You can of course get cheap shutters but usually they cost more than blinds.

Can Shutters Be Installed on Any Window Just Like Blinds?
Yes, shutters can be installed on almost any window, French door or patio sliding doors. If your windows open inwards they can always be mounted outside of the reveal

Which is Easier to Maintain: Shutters or Blinds?
The maintenance aspect of shutters and blinds are about the same. Interior wooden shutters need to be dusted periodically with a feather duster just like regular blinds would.

Do Shutters Warp More Than Blinds?
If you are concerned about warping, you should choose basswood wood shutters as the material to make your shutters out of. Basswood is notorious for not warping and basswood shutters look so much better than blinds.

Which Look Better: Shutters or Blinds?
This is of course an subjective question but shutters are gaining popularity because they have more design elements than standard blinds. Although shutters may be more expensive than blinds, they will raise the value of your home more than blinds as well. Shutters give a room or house a touch of "class" that blinds do not.


If you like the look of shutters but don't want to put fully funtioning exterior shutters on your house, you might be looking for decorative shutters also known as faux shutters. Decorative shutters are just for show and are not real functioning shutters.

Exterior decorative shutters can provide the same look as real shutters and make your home more beautiful. Many home owners love that shutters look and so decide to install faux shutters on the exterior windows of their house. Please make note that decorative shutters will provide no benefits to your home or windows at all as they are for decoration only. Once installed, faux shutters will not protect windows, provide privacy, shading, or any other benefit real exterior shutters would.

One nice part about decorative shutters is their reasonable price which make them a nice home remodeling and upgrade alternative. They are much cheaper than the real thing and from a distance they are virtually indistinguishable from real shutters as well. Decorative shutter hinges and faux tilt rods can be used as well to enhance their appearance.

Installation for decorative shutters is usually on the simple sitde as they just hang from wherever they are attached. If you are a do it yourself type person with a little know how, exterior decorative shutters can be installed by a single person in much less than a day.


One way to increase your home's value is by making it look better on the outside. Installing exterior vinyl shutters will help add to the architectural style of your home and give it the accent it needs to stand out from your neighbors.

Vinyl shutters may be the best choice for exterior shutters because of their durability. Unlike wooden shutters, installing and maintaining vynal shutters is a breeze. With vinyl shuters, the the color you choose will be molded into and throughout the shudder. This will eliminate any
need to ever stain, sand, or repaint your shutters and to clean them all you have to do is use water and soap. This is very different from wood shutters that can be a nightmare to maintain.

Vinyl shutters can be bought in many different styles and colors to match your home's architectural style. You can find exterior shutters in the raised panel style, two or three panel styles, arched top louver style, or a traditional louvered style. No matter what your tastes are, exterior shutters made of vinyl are a good choice.

Another benefit of vinyl shutters is their affordable price. They are much less expensive than wood shutters and many other materials. With some research, you might be able to find discount exterior vinyl shutters up to two or three times less expensive than wooden shutters. That, along with the ease of installation and maintenance, make them a great choice for anyone on a budget or not on a budget.


If you are looking for window shutters you might have heard the term Cafe shutters. Cafe is not a kind of shutters necessarily but more of a style. Cafe shutters are perfect for any ground level windows because they only cover the bottom part of the windows. These types of shutters provide privacy and yet some light at all times.

There are all sorts of cafe shutters ideas, styles, and materials including Bahama cafe shutters, Plantation cafe shutters, Colonial cafe shutters, wooden cafe shutters, vinyl cafe shutters, interior cafe shutter, exterior cafe shutters and more. If you want shutter in or outside your windows, cafe shutters are always an option.

The part of the window that is left uncovered by the Cafe shutters is usually covered by some type of curtain made of up any kind of fabric. These are called cafe curtains and they are special half curtains that are ofen found on kitchen windows. This gives you the versatility of keeping the light out that comes from the upper portion of the window opening or letting it in.

If you like the look and style of house shutters or interior shutters, you might want to include cafe shutters on your list of things to consider. Not many homes have interior cafe shutters and putting them in your house might give it an extra special style that people wil admire.


Are you looking for wooden shutters or house shutters? Did you perhaps type in "shudders" by mistake? Many people mispell shutters as shudders which makes it hard for them to find the informatin they are seeking. Other common mispellings include plantation shudders, wood shudders, and just plain sutters.

There are many types of shutters including vinyl shutters. Unfortunately many people don't know how to spell vinyl and so instead they type in vinal shutters or vynal shutters. Instead of shutter sometimes people use shuters or shuter. For levalor blinds they use levolor or lever instead of louver.

Well that's it. Hope you enjoy my site which is all about indoor shudders.


Shutters are both functional and add style to your home so it makes sense for you to get shutter hinges that add style as well. When you get new wooden shutters on your home, or even if you are just updating the old house shutters, that is the time to look for some nice decorative shutter hinges.

Shutter hinges are what link the trim of the shutters to the exterior or interior windows. Hinges for your decorative shutters can come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and designs and you can use decorative shutter hinges to help set your home and shutters apart from all the other homes on your block.

If you look in enough places, you will be able to find not only modern looking shutter hinges but also many ones created in an old style ornate Victorian design and many other antique looks. These antique shutter hinges can be made of brass, nickel, cast iron, or copper and the metal might be finished in a particular way that links it to its era. You will also be able to find shutter dogs, latched, tiebacks, and knobs that are also made with an antique flare to create the effect of being from an older and grander architectural time.


If you are looking for shutters ideas or maybe awnings ideas, the Internet is the right place to find them. Basswood shutters seem to be the most popular because basswood is the best wood for shutters. One problem with interior shutters or exterior shutters is that the wood can warp. For this reason, many people choose to install faux wood shutters or shutters made out of vinyl or plastic. That way, they can weather the elements better and still look like wooden shutters.

Interior shutters are really just fancy blinds. As you can see in the picture above, they serve the perpose of blinds and they look more substancial and have more class. Blinds would go up if you like by pulling on a string but with house shutters they would open outward (or inward) to give you more light and viewing space. Interior shutters are usually more expensive than blinds but they do add value to a home and style to any room.

You can always look for cheap shutters but you don't want to make the mistake of buying shutters that LOOK cheap. If you must buy discount shutters, make sure they don't look cheap or you will be very disappointed with the end result. The whole point of getting indoor house shutters is to add style to your rooms and installing something that looks inexpensive or cheap will have the reverse effect. There are many styles of shutters so any shutters ideas you have should be thought about carefully. If possible, it is best to be able to try several styles of shutters before you buy.


The great thing about Bahama wooden shutters (also called island shutters or Burmuda shutters) is that they can serve two purposes: they provide protection during storms and harsh weather and they also give you shade over the window in the summber.

The unique aspect of Bahama wood shutters is that they have a hinge at the top of the shutters which allows them to open out from the bottom. (see picture) If you notice in the picture there is one shutter per window unlike most shutters that require two per window and open out sideways.

Typically, Bahama style shutters have adjustable side arms which are used to prop the shutters open at whatever angle is desired. These types of wooden shutters are very different from any other kinds of shutters and you do not see them everywhere. Island shutters are very popular in the southern United States and rarely seen in the Pacific Northwest.

Other advantages of Bahama wood shutters are that they can stay on your home year round and are easy to maintain. They also give a home a certain tropical beauty.


If you are looking for discount window shutters or just plain old cheap shutters, where do you go? You will not be able to have them custom made so you will have to find those cheap window shutters and install them yourself.

Finding a company that will sell you do it yourself shutters or wholesale shutters is what you will be looking for. Even though you want cheap shutters you probably want them to look as nice as possible. You want to make sure they don't look like plastic or look cheap.

Basswood is the best wood for shutters for a variety of reasons. It is a straight wood that does not warp easily and it is easy to paint and stain. You should find a company that can make shutter panels cheaply so that you can get the best prices. Lumberyards and stores that sell home improvement items might be the best place to look for your cheap window shutters. You might have to pace an order to get exactly what you want and make sure you know how to install them yourself to save money. These discount shutters might be shipped directly to your house.


More and more people are interested in learning about shutters ideas and possibly using them in or on their houses. Wooden shutters are the most popular kind of shutters because of the look of wood and how it looks on your house. Likewise, wooden blinds or blinds that look like they are made of wood are also very popular.

Where can you buy wooden shutters is a question many people are asking. Woodenshutters can be found in many home improvement type stores and online as well. There are tons of places you can get information about shutters and other things such as awnings ideas too. Wood awnings and wooden awnings are becoming more popular because they look great and give your dwelling a special style. If you are looking for cheap wooden shutters you will need to do more research to find out which outlet will give you the best discounted price. You might also think about getting used wooden shutters if price is an issue.

When you start looking for ideas for wooden shutters you might try looking for photos of house shutters. That is a great way to see what the different kinds of shutters actually look like on or in a house. When you see them in a store, you can't get an accurate idea of what they might look like after acutally being installed.

There are many different materials to choose from when contemplating all your wooden shutters ideas. Basswood shutters, cedar shutters, vinyl shutters, faux wood shuters, and poly shutters are just some of the kinds of shutters you have ot choose from

There are also many different styles of shutters to choose from. Some of the more popular styles are plantation shutters, traditional shutters, colonial shutters, and of course heavy duty shutters designed to withstand a storm.

All in all, there are dozens of shutters ideas to choose from and to keep you busy for some time.


Plantation shutters are also one of the most sought after window covering in today's energy conscious home fashion market. Remember that plantation shutters are also ideal for insulating against the heat and cold, thus saving you on your energy bills. Once plantation shutters are shut, not only is sunlight kept out, but also noises taking place outside of the home.

Plantation shutters are a great hard window covering. You can bring a room to life with colorful shutters to give a vibrant touch to a dull room. Plantation shutters are interior shutters that are available in different styles. They are as timeless as they are beautiful and the resale value of your home can actually increase because plantation shutters are so desirable. Wood plantation shutters are commonly referred to as "the ultimate window covering".

With double hung plantation shutters, you can open just the top or bottom portion of the shutters or the entire thing. Additionally, faux wood plantation shutters provide the added advantage that, whatever their open or closed state, they give an appearance that is second to none, truly making them a part of the house. The right shutters add character to the inside of your home and improve a homes overall decor.

Plantation shutters are the ultimate in window coverings. Plantation shutters can also be called window shutters or interior shutters and are the classic wood shutters you've seen in those majestic Southern homes. Plantation shutters give elegance to any interior and enhance your home or office with the warmth of finely finished wood. Plantation shutters are accessible in most every type of wood or in vinyl and they can be mounted either inside a window or outside a window. A house for sale with plantation shutters will usually list them as a feature so they add value to a home. Today's vinyl cheap plantation shutters are made to look like the wooden shutters of yesteryear. Moreover, plantation shutters are much different than curtains or blinds, as they do not possess the gaps that allow sunlight to seep through when shut.

Do-it-yourself plantation shutters are semi-opaque window coverings that typically hinge on either side of a window opening. These days, plantation shutters are available in composite materials… a combination of wood and vinyl…that offers the same traditional look as all-wood plantation shutters.


Wooden shutters can be expensive but one reason people want them is they look so much better than blinds. If you are looking for cheap shutters, you will probably have to buy them wholesale and install them yourself. You will probably want to avoid getting custom shutters as that will drive up the price.

Finding good cheap shutters can be a challenge and you may not be able to find them right away. You should look for a retailer that will give you a wholesale discounted price and then you should be prepaired to to everything yourself. Once you have someone come in to install them for you that will drive up the price.

Wooden shutters are more expensive than some other materials such as plastic or vinyl. Plastic shutters can be made to look just like wood, however, and no one will ever know that they are not wood. This is the best route if you are looking for cheap wooden shutters.

If you are going to install them yourself and not get custom ones, you must find some ready made cheap shutters that are already the correct dimensions. You may have to get some help from your neighbor or someone on the block who is a handyman to help you install them but once they are in, you will have some nice looking wood shutters that look much better than cheap blinds.


Cedar is a popular choice for wooden shutters because it will hold up well in a variety of weather conditions. For this reason, cedar is often the best choice when you are selecting exterior wood shutters for your house. Cedar is a strong and solid wood and it will often withstand rain, heat, and sun better than any other wood.

If you compare cedar to other woods that are used for exterior shutters such as sycamore, chestnut, and pine, you will find that cedar is the strongest choice. In addition, cedar is a soft wood that can easily be cut or carved into a many shapes and wooden shutter designs.

Cedar wooden shutters are more resistant to decay than other types of wood and it is great for homes that are in a wet environment. Another advantage is that bugs hate cedar and so in the end if you are looking for exterior wooden shutters for your home, cedar wood is the best choice to make them out of.

Shutters and Awnings Ideas

When you are thinking of getting wooden shutters or any other kind of shutters, what better place to go than a book with lots of pictures. When you are looking for wood shutters ideas, the more pictures you can find the better.

In the book 1000 Shutters and Awnings hundreds of homes and pictures are shown to illustrate an inspiring variety of shutters and awnings found throughout the United States. This unique and rich collection of color imagery provides an opportunity to compare designs and installations. Exterior shutters include traditional Colonial forms, decorative and operational shutters, and hurricane shutters. To finish off the windows, a broad selection of awnings is displayed. You can get the best price for this book right here - 1000 Shutters and Awnings.

Basswood Wooden Shutters

The best kind of wood for interior wooden shutters is Basswood. There are many reasons for this but here are just a few:

1) Basswood is a light wood but it is also a strong wood
2) It has a grain that is uniform allowing a beautiful stain finish
3) Basswood is easy to glue and to finish
4) Basswood trees are growing faster than they are being harvested
5) It does not warp

The last item in that list is a very important one. Basswood does not warp and that makes them great for being next to windows where they will be exposed to sun, cooler temperatures, and some moisture. Wooden shutters can be a problem if a wood is used that does not weather the conditions properly.

Basswood is a wood that is easy to work with because it glues well and can be made into the texture you desire by sanding and staining. It also dries rapidly without any distortion. These are all very important to have in a high quality wooden shutter.

Basswood is also often used for such things as furniture, wood handles, millwork, musical instruments, and of course interior wood shutters. It is a wood that is useful to make many different things and if you are contemplating getting wooden shutters, basswood should be at the top of your list of woods to consider.

Interior Wooden Shutters

Interior shutters are probabley the best way to add value to your windows. Put simply, wooden interior shutters are fantastically versatile giving you more control and choices not available from curtains or wooden blinds. Interior shutters are available in a wide range of materials but wood is by far the most popular.

Interior wooden shutters are made into panels that are connected to make units to fit the window. Interior shutters are usually used inside the home in place of blinds and they are a great alternative to curtains, blinds, and any other window coverings. Interior shutters are also the more traditional, classic look and have withstood the changing tastes of many a generation.

Plantation interior shutters are the classic and most popular style of interior shutter. The most commonly used woods in the production of interior shutters are: basswood, poplar, alder, cedar and pine. Synthetic interior shutters are cheaper but they sometimes have a plastic look that is not so appealing. For people who must adhere to a budget, you can get interior vinyl shutters for approximately 40% less than wooden shutters.

The benefits of having interior shutters, over blinds, are two-fold: interior shutters are more durable, and look classier. Interior shutters enhance the decor of most any window in your house. They can be used alone or with additional window coverings (such as drapes for added design), they go with almost any style of home and are long lasting.

Wooden shutters provide the greatest variety of optional features as well as the highest performance rating in the widest range of applications. Wood shutters are among the most popular window panels in the market.

Wooden Shutters For Your Home

Wooden shutters have become popular in areas with climates that have extreme weather conditions. Wood shutters are durable, low maintenance, and come in a wide variety of colors. They also are probably one of the safest window coverings available when it comes to children.

If you are looking for that finishing touch to round off your home then wood shutters are a great option. They will also increase the value of your home. Interior window shutters have always been one of the most universally popular window treatments available. There are an amazing variety of shutters to choose from at the stores.

Plantation shutters and wooden shutters are the most popular types of window shutters. Wood shutters can be used in any room and are good for the interior as well as exterior use. Wooden shutters are considered to be good insulators of heat and cold and if you need shutters that are able to vary the amount of light you let in, then wooden shutters are great regulators here too.

To keep your shutters looking their best, you need to be prepared to perform regular maintenance. Wooden shutters are built to withstand harsh climates from intense heat and sun of the tropics to intense cold of the North.

Wood shutters are affordable and easy to install, and there are many different types choose from. Wooden shutters are excellent insulators and help keep room temperatures comfortable. Wooden shutters are initially economical to purchase but the overall maintenance needs to be considered.

You can also buy painted wooden shutters but the main problem with this type is that the side facing the sun can become faded over time. Apart from the wide selection of shutters, buyers can also gain access to some of the lowest prices on wooden plantation shutters as long as they know where to look on the Internet. For a warm, authentic, traditional look, wooden shutters are a great choice.

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