If you like the look of shutters but don't want to put fully funtioning exterior shutters on your house, you might be looking for decorative shutters also known as faux shutters. Decorative shutters are just for show and are not real functioning shutters.

Exterior decorative shutters can provide the same look as real shutters and make your home more beautiful. Many home owners love that shutters look and so decide to install faux shutters on the exterior windows of their house. Please make note that decorative shutters will provide no benefits to your home or windows at all as they are for decoration only. Once installed, faux shutters will not protect windows, provide privacy, shading, or any other benefit real exterior shutters would.

One nice part about decorative shutters is their reasonable price which make them a nice home remodeling and upgrade alternative. They are much cheaper than the real thing and from a distance they are virtually indistinguishable from real shutters as well. Decorative shutter hinges and faux tilt rods can be used as well to enhance their appearance.

Installation for decorative shutters is usually on the simple sitde as they just hang from wherever they are attached. If you are a do it yourself type person with a little know how, exterior decorative shutters can be installed by a single person in much less than a day.