Have you noticed more and more houses have decorative shutters on them? House shutters have come back in style and most people opt to get ones that are not operable known purely as decorative house shutters. These make any window, and house for that matter, more elegant and pleasing to the eye.

Decorative shutters are attached to your house and will not move. They are fixed in one place and are quite easy to install because of this. Usually, a whole house can be fit with decorative shutters in one day. Because they are for decoration only, they will not provide any of the benefits of real shutters. They only look nice.

Decorative house shutters can be bought in almost any style and material. Because they are not functional, they cost a fraction of what the real operable ones do. You can get Bahama decorative shutters, decorative cafe shutters, Plantation decorative shutters, or any other kind. These decorative shudders can be made out of whatever you want as well including vinyl, brass wood, aluminum, pine, cedar and other woods. Wooden decorative shutters will be more prone to damage and decay than some other materials such as vinyl.

Because they are only for looks, we are really talking only about exterior decorative house shutters although things can be made for inside the house as well. Usually though, if you have interior shutters they will be fully functional.