Bi-fold shutters can also be called four panel shutters as they have two panels on the left and two panels on the right. Bifold shutters are usually held in by a track because of all the moving parts and they are often installed over windows that you walk through rather than smaller windows. They can also be called accordion shutters but those are usually ones with many more panels.

Four panel shutters have two panels that hinge together on the left unit and the same thing on the right. They are a lovely addition to any room because of their elegant look and they add a lot of pizazz to plain windows.

Bifold plantation shutters are the most common type that are used to cover ceiling to floor windows and glass sliding doors in the living room or any other room. They usually also have little horizontal panels that can be opened or shut to let in or keep out the light. So you can control the light by either opening the shutters or by adjusting the horizontal panels.

When it comes to house shutters ideas, interior bi-fold shutters are always a popular choice because of their look and style they lend to any room. You can get them in a variety of materials like wood or vinyl but you might have to have them professionally installed because of the track that needs to be put in to make them open and close smoothly. A skilled do-it-yourselfer might be able to install them but the normal homeowner will find it too difficult to do.