The great thing about Bahama wooden shutters (also called island shutters or Burmuda shutters) is that they can serve two purposes: they provide protection during storms and harsh weather and they also give you shade over the window in the summber.

The unique aspect of Bahama wood shutters is that they have a hinge at the top of the shutters which allows them to open out from the bottom. (see picture) If you notice in the picture there is one shutter per window unlike most shutters that require two per window and open out sideways.

Typically, Bahama style shutters have adjustable side arms which are used to prop the shutters open at whatever angle is desired. These types of wooden shutters are very different from any other kinds of shutters and you do not see them everywhere. Island shutters are very popular in the southern United States and rarely seen in the Pacific Northwest.

Other advantages of Bahama wood shutters are that they can stay on your home year round and are easy to maintain. They also give a home a certain tropical beauty.