If you are looking for discount window shutters or just plain old cheap shutters, where do you go? You will not be able to have them custom made so you will have to find those cheap window shutters and install them yourself.

Finding a company that will sell you do it yourself shutters or wholesale shutters is what you will be looking for. Even though you want cheap shutters you probably want them to look as nice as possible. You want to make sure they don't look like plastic or look cheap.

Basswood is the best wood for shutters for a variety of reasons. It is a straight wood that does not warp easily and it is easy to paint and stain. You should find a company that can make shutter panels cheaply so that you can get the best prices. Lumberyards and stores that sell home improvement items might be the best place to look for your cheap window shutters. You might have to pace an order to get exactly what you want and make sure you know how to install them yourself to save money. These discount shutters might be shipped directly to your house.