If you are looking to protect your home from wind damage, shutters are the common method to do that. Shuters guard your windows from flying objects and they also protect you from damage that might be caused if your windows or doors are broken from pressure changes.

Aluminum and fiberglass shutters are the common materials used that are strong enough to protect against damage from nature's storms. Please note however, that both aluminum and fiberglass are used for decorative shutters as well. If you are buying aluminum shutters, you need to specify whether you are wanting the decorative kind or real storm shutters. Just because your shudders are made from aluminum or fiberglass does not mean they are strong enough to protect your house from damage.

Aluminum storm shutters must be made to certain specifications and have higher engineering standards than decorative shutters. For this reason, any storm shutters you purchase will be more expensive than their decorative counterparts.

Wood and vinyl are the two most common types of exterior decorative house shutters but some people choose aluminum as well. Aluminum offers a reasonable price alternative to wooden shutters and they come in all styles and colors. You can get aluminum shutters in all styles including aluminum colonial shutters, aluminum bahama shutters, aluminum cafe shutters, aluminum rolling shutters, and aluminum decorative shutters.