A very common question people have is "should I choose shutters or blinds for my home"? There are many types of blinds, such as Bali window blinds, and many types of shutters as well. It can be very confusing for the first time home owner whether to go with blinds or shutters. In order to answer this question, lets take a look at exactly what shutters are:

Are Shutters Expensive?
Shutters are typically more expensive than blinds because you are getting a bigger more complicated unit that is attached to your windows. You can of course get cheap shutters but usually they cost more than blinds.

Can Shutters Be Installed on Any Window Just Like Blinds?
Yes, shutters can be installed on almost any window, French door or patio sliding doors. If your windows open inwards they can always be mounted outside of the reveal

Which is Easier to Maintain: Shutters or Blinds?
The maintenance aspect of shutters and blinds are about the same. Interior wooden shutters need to be dusted periodically with a feather duster just like regular blinds would.

Do Shutters Warp More Than Blinds?
If you are concerned about warping, you should choose basswood wood shutters as the material to make your shutters out of. Basswood is notorious for not warping and basswood shutters look so much better than blinds.

Which Look Better: Shutters or Blinds?
This is of course an subjective question but shutters are gaining popularity because they have more design elements than standard blinds. Although shutters may be more expensive than blinds, they will raise the value of your home more than blinds as well. Shutters give a room or house a touch of "class" that blinds do not.