If you are looking for window shutters you might have heard the term Cafe shutters. Cafe is not a kind of shutters necessarily but more of a style. Cafe shutters are perfect for any ground level windows because they only cover the bottom part of the windows. These types of shutters provide privacy and yet some light at all times.

There are all sorts of cafe shutters ideas, styles, and materials including Bahama cafe shutters, Plantation cafe shutters, Colonial cafe shutters, wooden cafe shutters, vinyl cafe shutters, interior cafe shutter, exterior cafe shutters and more. If you want shutter in or outside your windows, cafe shutters are always an option.

The part of the window that is left uncovered by the Cafe shutters is usually covered by some type of curtain made of up any kind of fabric. These are called cafe curtains and they are special half curtains that are ofen found on kitchen windows. This gives you the versatility of keeping the light out that comes from the upper portion of the window opening or letting it in.

If you like the look and style of house shutters or interior shutters, you might want to include cafe shutters on your list of things to consider. Not many homes have interior cafe shutters and putting them in your house might give it an extra special style that people wil admire.